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Discover the unique Ampallang piercing at Star Piercing. The Ampallang piercing is a special intimate piercing that runs horizontally through the glans of the penis and is designed for bold and experienced piercing lovers. It is known for its striking appearance and the intense sensations it can provide.

At Star Piercing you will find a carefully selected collection of Ampallang piercings that meet the highest quality standards. Our range includes a variety of materials such as titanium G23 and surgical steel 316L, which are prized for their biocompatibility and durability. Each piercing is designed to offer maximum comfort and safety.

Our Swiss online store places great emphasis on customer satisfaction and offers detailed advice to ensure you find the perfect Ampallang piercing for your needs. You also benefit from our fast shipping and discreet packaging that protects your privacy.

Experience the fascinating world of intimate piercings with Star Piercing and find the ideal ampallang piercing that perfectly emphasizes your personal style and preferences. Visit our online store and discover the variety and quality we have to offer. Star Piercing - your Swiss specialist for exceptional body jewelry.